Acqua Morelli 意大利天然優質礦泉水 750ml (玻璃樽裝)
Acqua Morelli 意大利天然優質礦泉水 750ml (玻璃樽裝)
Acqua Morelli 意大利天然優質礦泉水 750ml (玻璃樽裝)
購買此產品可賺取2.9 Club積分
Acqua Morelli 意大利天然優質礦泉水 750ml (玻璃樽裝)
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Acqua Morelli Water forth at 1,000 metres above sea level, where this premium mineral water reveals its clarity, characteristic pristine freshness and purity. Acqua Morelli has a low mineral content and a very well balanced taste – everything you would expect from an exclusive mineral water. What is more, the true connoisseur can confirm that the excellent quality of Acqua Morelli has a beneficial and stimulating effect on the appetite. 
Mineral content: 39.9 mg/l Country: Italy 

ACQUA MORELLI has been awarded with the Superior Taste Award 2016 of the International Taste & Quality Institute. 

Two Star Award for Sparkling and Three Star Award for Non Sparkling. Excellent! 



The perfect accompaniment to exquisite wine

Connoisseurs who appreciate a good wine can find what they are looking for almost anywhere in the world today. Of course, Italy has always been a special location for winemaking. Generations have dedicated themselves to the art of viticulture, creating wonderful wines year after year. This passion for the grape harvest and winemaking is closely bound up with a passion for high-class mineral waters – like ACQUA MORELLI.

It’s no surprise that this passion is reflected in culinary circles. On average, two bottles of water are ordered for every bottle of wine served – reason enough to offer an exquisite water to complement an exquisite bottle of wine. ACQUA MORELLI is virtually mineral-free, which sensitizes the taste buds ready for perfect wine enjoyment.

“The more neutral the water tastes, the better it is suited as an accompaniment to wine.
It will not interfere with specific taste components of the wine. If the acidity or the alkaline levels are too dominant, they change the drinker’s perception ofthe wine.”

Markus Del Monego,
Master of Wine and World
Champion of Sommeliers of 1998

*Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.
Purchase of intoxicating liquor (contain 1.2% ethyl alcohol by volume) is limited to customers over the age of 18.
In case of doubt on the age of the recipient, courier will require the recipient to present HKID or age identification document for confirmation.

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