Haglöfs 女裝行山鞋-Magnetite/Jade-497670
Haglöfs 女裝行山鞋-Magnetite/Jade-497670
Haglöfs 女裝行山鞋-Magnetite/Jade-497670 Haglöfs 女裝行山鞋-Magnetite/Jade-497670 Haglöfs 女裝行山鞋-Magnetite/Jade-497670
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A suede shoe with high comfort levels, great for everyday use. The outsole gives good traction and control, thanks to its unique tread pattern. A protective rubber toe makes the shoe more durable.

Weight : 300 G ½ PAIR (SIZE UK 5)

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Minimalistic and clean design upper provides both comfort and styling
Ideal low weight enhances your motion
Ortholite® technology provides high-level breathability and long-term cushioning
Dual layer EVA midsole for long-term comfort and cushioning
Engineered stud pattern enhances traction and durability
Uses environmentally-friendly premium suede leather from an audited tannery in the Leather Working Group
Recycled environmentally-friendly material in the sole board

Upper: 1.4 - 1.6 mm, premium eco-friendly leather from tannery by LWG
Footbed: Ortholite® technology
Midsole: Dual layer EVA
Outsole: Solid rubber

Cleaning: Prepare the footwear by removing surface dirt such as mud and grit. When cleaning Haglöfs footwear, it is important to use a soft sponge under clean lukewarm running water. Dry the footwear off with a clean cloth or rag at a natural temperature. Do not use the aid of an external heat source or direct sunlight. Direct heat may alter the shape of the shoe. Footwear should never be cleaned in a washing machine.

For best comfort and foot climate, also clean the inside of the footwear now and then using a soft brush and lukewarm water. Remove the footbed before washing. To speed up drying, fill each boot or shoe with newspaper and let the paper absorb the majority of the moisture before removing it to allow the footwear to finish drying. Regardless of whether you clean the inside or outside, make sure your footwear dries at room temperature, never with the aid of a heater or drying cabinet (excessive heat may for instance cause the leather to crack). Cleaned footwear is best stored at room temperature using a shoe tree. Never store dirty shoes.

Before first use, treat boots and shoes with waterproofing, including the laces and tongue. After drying, brush Nubuck and suede products with a suede brush to regain that buffed look. A suede brush can also be used for lighter cleaning. Treat the cleaned surfaces of boots and shoes regularly with waterproofing. Some agents are best applied to the surface while it is still a little damp and the leather pores are open so that the waterproofing is able to penetrate in depth (follow the instructions on the packaging). It is advantageous to treat Nubuck and suede boots and shoes with wax for extra protection against moisture and wear; note that this will cause the surface to darken and take on a different appearance – this is perfectly normal.
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