Beaune 1er Cru Domaine 2016
Beaune 1er Cru Domaine 2016

Doudet Naudin Beaune 1er Cru Domaine 2016

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Doudet Naudin Beaune 1er Cru Domaine 2016







Located in the heart of the Côte de Beaune, a very large majority of the
climates of Beaune are classified 1er Cru. Among the most famous: Les
Grèves, les Cent-Vignes, Clos des Mouches, les Avaux, les Bressandes and of
course our Clos-du-Roy. Our parcel is 30 years old.


Marl covered with light clay soils. Orientation east, The vine is located just
under the slopes at the foot of the hill.


Manual harvest-picking. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard and then in the
domain on special selection tables. A punching of the cap is done daily and
constant temperature control allows the expression of fruit and the future
balance of the wine. Fermentation in open vats for a period of 20 days before
pressing (pneumatic).

Maturation in oak barrels at 100% with 25% new oak barrels for 18 months.


The wine colour is pleasant intense ruby marked by some brown shades. The
deep nose shows its personality made of ripped red and black fruits, closed
aromas of soil and humus and the traditional game notes. In the mouth, in its
youngest life, the wine is strict concentrate and deep. The palate is rich and
masculine. Natural tannins are very present (but never desiccating) spices
together with the ripe fruits, beautiful and long aftertaste. This is a wine that
you have to decant very young or to discover knowledge with patience.


To keep 10-15 years. Temperature of service: 14-15°C
Young, this wine goes very well with any roasted meats and poultry (duck
breast, leg of lamb, roasted beef) and of course the traditional cheeses. After a
few years, it will be advised, successfully, with all simmered and cooked
meats, game birds and generally the great traditional food.





Doudet Naudin

SINCE 1849
Founded in 1849 by Albert Brenot in Savigny-lès-Beaune, Doudet-Naudin is one of the oldest Burgundy wine Maisons. In 1933 it was acquired by the Doudet family, who have developed and expanded the Maison while preserving its fundamental values: respect for traditions and excellence. Christophe Rochet, the current head of Doudet-Naudin, is committed to maintaining the values of this well-respected Maison while restructuring it.

For almost two centuries we have been producing great wines with a single goal: to reveal and highlight the Burgundy terroir while respecting the values that we hold dear: authenticity and quality.
Domaine Doudet, with over 13 hectares to the north of Côte de Beaune, attests to our expertise. This heritage has great value because of the high quality and diversity of its appellations. The Domaine includes some treasures, such as Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru, “Les Maréchaudes” Corton Grand Cru, “En Redrescul” Savigny 1er Cru, etc.

In total 15 appellations are produced, all located around the iconic Corton mountain and the village of Savigny-lès-Beaune.

Domaine Isabelle DOUDET has always belonged to the DOUDET family. Today the 13 hectares of this estate are managed by Isabelle, the third generation of this family of wine-growers. Passionate about the vine, Isabelle is also in charge of the winemaking, bringing her talent and a characteristic signature to these superb wines.

The whole Domaine is worked with controlled yields and environmentally-friendly pest management methods. The organic, pesticide-free treatments are reduced to the bare minimum. We practice light ploughing to preserve the overall balance of the vineyard and its ecosystem.
The Domaine’s vines tend to be relatively old, up to 70 years old for the oldest! A sign of our rigour and attachment to the vine is the fact that certain plots are, even today, only worked by hand or ploughed with horses.





位於法國勃根地的核心地帶,1849年由艾伯特布雷諾(Albert Brenot) 創立,為當地歷史最悠久的酒莊之一,直到1933年轉交Doudet Family經營,在拓展之際,亦保有酒莊最重要的信念:尊重傳統與卓越品質。





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